19 Dec 2018

The Suffragettes Movement

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During the 1900’s there was a big debate about if women were allowed to vote. Men thought women were too stupid and not clever enough to be heard in votes. The reason the women started a big demonstration is because the Prime Minister promised the women they would have their say but he didn’t keep his end of the deal. Now, as you may be asking who are these women?What are they there for? Well,these women were called Suffragettes and they marched in a big parade towards Buckingham  palace and past parliament they did this  to show the men they should let them vote and if they don’t there WILL be consequences.


These women had  feelings but the men didn’t care , the men threaten these innocent,poor women that if they didn’t stop fighting to get a vote they would go to prison for at least 3 months for trying to get a sneaky vote in .These men were complete and utter devils, they were so unfair and they expected these women to stay home,care for the baby,wash,cook and NOT earn any money expect from a little bit of money FROM the man/husband.


My opinion is women are just as amazing as men, men and women are equally important and I’m SO glad women are not treated with disrespect any more because if they were life would be so hard for me, because I struggle to start conversations with ANYONE. But men have luckily pulled them self  together and now,women are allowed to vote and are also allowed to work and earn her OWN money.I also think the women did the correct thing but, one thing is still not clear to me Why did the men decide to not let the women vote in the first place? Why if you got married you couldn’t get a job? It’s still so unclear but maybe in the future  i’ll find out? Beside’s who know’s what will could in the future maybe this time MEN will be not allowed to vote who now’s? These women are as brave as soldier’s.

By Phoebe.S



This is a picture of women being  put to harsh work of tyre making which is very very VERY hard to do. These women are very intelligent!


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