What i did today!

Today I woke up when I woke up I gone to brush my teeth so I did got my tablet and gone on YouTube and watch some videos. gone down stairs at 8:00 and made breakfast and watch TV. mom woke up then at 9:00. gone on Xbox at 1:00 and i had pizza it was yummy. Mum had to go St Ives to do nails for some people so now I’m at St Ives have to stay there for 10 or 11 clock at night it was boring. I wish i could Stay at home because I was relaxed. So I’m going subway tomorrow. I was happy.

Mog’s Xmas

One Christmas Eve,everyone we’re still sleeping and having nice dreams,ecsept the cat called mog,who had a terrible nightmare!Through out his nightmare he was flicking his tail and twirling it around the Christmas tree lights…

That’s when Mog looked down at the oven and smoke made his beautiful light grey fur,pitch black.Clumsily,Mog got onto the table,the table cloth,which was full of delicious food,fell on the ground as fast as a cheetah.While he was licking his tiny paw, chestnuts started popping like popcorn and destroyed the whole kitchen.Suddenly,when a hot chestnut hit Mog on the headhe jumped on a high clock.Frantically,the clock fell back And flattened the presents.Then he got up and looked at the tree without any green leaves.

After that,the cat ran out the house to see 2 fire men in a fire engine.They both gout out and ran to the house to get the turkey and rescue it so that mr and mrs Thomas could eat it.The whole Thomas family went to their home to check if they had anything was left.

When Mrs Thomas saw the disgrace she had a tears in her eyes. Then ,they heard a knock on their door.Everyone came to save Christmas so they bought food and even brought a huge Christmas tree.

Mog saved the whole Christmas. He as a cat hero. People gavered up and hugged the tiny cat.At the end mog got his special eggs.

Mogs Christmas calamity

On Christmas eve night the family were all sleeping and were also dreaming. Mog was not having a good night sleep. His nightmare was about him being a bird and Robin was chasing him. So he got really scared and flicked his tail around.

He woke up very scared because he thought that the dream was real. Mog wanted to run away because he thought that the robin was chasing him. So Mog went up to the oven without knowing that the oven is hot and that it could nock over. Then he decided that he wanted to go onto something up high so he went on the clock because he made a mess near the oven and everything that was in the boiler including the chestnuts. The chestnuts popped everywhere.

Mog decided to run outside and when he ran outside he met the fire fire fighters his face was looked like he was as frightened as a person standing up and performing to someone. The fire men saw all the flames and went into the house. And got the turkey and the fire extinguisher and burnt the turkey out.

The family went back into the house and they were surprised of their eyes because of how messed up it was and how dirty it was, they thought that Christmas for them is over.

But luckily the neighbours were nice enough to share their Christmas with them and Mog had a lovely egg.

Mog’s Christmas

It was another cold, wintery Christmas Eve when everyone was sleeping and having a great dream except from Mog he was having a nightmare. Suprisingly, Mog smelt smoke so he went into the kitchen and opened the oven. Sunddenly a gust of smoke flew right in his face so he blindly stepped back smashing everything in the way and accidentally calling 999 on the phone.

Suddenly, chestnuts started to pop like gunshot or popcorn, flinging everywhere, the chestnuts scared Mog so he tried to get on the table. While Mog was trying to get on the table the tablecloth was being pulled down and all the food was falling on the floor all of the dishes and plates were smashing recklessly.

While running away, the lights for the Christmas tree were getting tangled on Mogs tail but unfortunately he didn’t notice. Mog tripped because the wire was being pulled too much and in front of him came a fire truck. Luckily the people put out the fire and took out the turkey. When looking at the condition of the house the family thought Christmas was over so Mog sat at the front door.

All of a sudden, the neighbors started to rush in with Christmas decorations and thing you need to celebrate Christmas. When everything was ready everyone celebrated Christmas together like a family because Christmas is for sharing. Later Mog got his egg.

Mog’s Christmas calamity

On christmas eve,the children that lived in the house were dreaming about how santa looks like in real life and mom and dad were dreaming to. Dad was dreaming about having a new bat to play cricket but mum was dreaming about something else. But there was one more person his name is mog. Mog was dreaming that he was flying but behind him there was a bird trying to get him.

Just then, when Mog was sleeping, his tail was rapidly hitting the lights. Then, the light hit the cricket ball and it turned the oven on. After a while, Mog woke up he smelled something coming from the oven.Then the black, smelly steam was coming out. He walked on the telephone and called 999 and then he jumped on the table cloth and then all of the food fell on the floor. The fire engine heared everthing falling down. Then Mog was trying to avoud the chestnuts popping into him a messing up the house up like popcorn. Soon, Mog jumped onto the clock. Then the clock crashed down next to the presents. Mog jumped on the presents and jumped on the table behind him.Suddenly all of the lights fell of the christmas tree and the christmas tree crashed down on the floor.

All of a sudden, Mog ran out with lights on him and he ran through the he ran out on the road.

Mog’s Christmas

Softly , Mog was sleeping on Christmas eve and Mog`s tail started wagging , Mog was having a very bad nightmare and everyone else was fast asleep and they. Mog accedetilly got tangled in lights that were ment to go around the Christmas tree and around the house

Mog wokeup and saw something burning in the oven and jumped on the phone and called the fire crew , what was burning was a turkey and it looked black from the outside of the oven.

The fire crew got to the Thomas house just in time to rescue the burning turkey out of the oven and when they took it out smoke came out and hit the fire man in the head and face lukcily he was wearing a protective mask which goes over his face

The Thomas family thought that there was no Christmas for them. Their neighbours shared their Christmas with the Thomas family. The Thomas family were having a nice Christmas .

After Christmas the Thomas family neighbours helped them tidy and clean all the mess that Mog made.

Mogs crazy Christmas

On the night of Christmas Eve the Thomson family had been hushed by sleep. All dreaming happy dreams,and then there was Mog. Even though he is a very important family member he was having a nightmare.I don’t want to bore you with details so I’m not going tell you about it.

Mog was so scered he rapped around some lites and pulled the cards down Wich pushed a ball wich ternton the oven and the stove.After a few hours Mog finally woke up and thought something was wrong.so he went over to the oven and axidently opened it .Suddnly a cloud of smoke rushed into her face.

Do you remember erlyer I told you that the stove got ternt on ,well unfortunately there were some chestnuts cooking.So now the chestnuts were pinging every wich way and enything they touched would smash.Walst this is happening Mog tried to jump onto the table but the cloth started to slip and as Mog tried to climb up the cloth slipped more and more,until the cloth and the plaits smashing down.

Mog finally found the dore she ran straight for it and through the cat flap.However when she did get out side there was a huge fire truck.The men saved the family and the turkey.The over neighbors said “we will Sheri are Christmas “


It was christmas eve . The chiledren were dreaming what Santa look like ,dad was dreaming about a new bat mum was dreaming about something else.

But Mog had a nightmare before long he moved his tail like a snack light moved therfore tering the oven on and the ball rolde to his por

As soon as he wack up he smelled an over cook turkey.In a blink of a eye he hopped on the overn and opned the overn .A amer on smok came out in his fase.

He hock done erting he stepd on the phon therfore calling 999 he janped on the tale aftrwards he janped on the fan hit him in the dooke.

he floow in the tree and the plug whent out thrfore dring the tree he tree he run out of the home and seen the fire.

Mog runin the home telling the fire fiters the where the fire is and fire fiters brok bone the door and the fire fiters toled haw mog saved the day .

A old lady said mog needs a metll and the litelady siad he need a egg they look in the home the neighbers gave there christmas to them so they can have a christmas the end……

Mog,s Christmas calamity

On christmas eve the thomas family were having sweet dreams but mog wasant he was having a horribal nightmare his tail was violently wagging his tail.Mog was running on the stove and it turned on the stove and mog burt himself and he burnt the turkey and smoke goes every were and causes mayhem.

The young cat Mog jumps on to the massive clock and it falls down and chestnuts pop every were like rapid bullets and it wouldent stop and neally fell on the presents and he called 999 and wakes every one.

The next morning,the fire bragade came to the thomas’s house was burnt by the burning hot oven. inside the house the burning turkey got fire extinguished.

All of the neighbors help rebuild the house and redecorate and make it brand new again with new furniture and new turkey.

Mog has his own egg given by the neighbors they said mog deserves a gold shiny medal but instead he got a fresh new egg.

Mog’s Christmas Eve

Suddenly, Mog’s family was sleeping on Christmas eve, but Mog wasn’t sleeping he was having a nightmare. Mog was a flying cat and there was a bird behind him and the bird was about to bite Mog, then Mog got caught with some of his family’s Christmas lights and then he ran. Mog fell onto the table and then all the food fell of the table because he jumped from the cooker onto the table and just made it and he knocked the cooker open.

Courageously, the fire brigade came and then they brang the dirty, burned turkey and when Mog opened the cooker smoke fired out at him so he ran and jumped onto the clock and it fell down.

Clumsily, Mog got caught up with the Christmas tree lights and chestnuts were popping when he was running out from the smoke and then Mog saw the fire brigade truck who went inside and got the burned turkey out.

Violently every single part of their Christmas was ruined so all of the were out and the Christmas tree was on the floor aswell as all the food and the blanket that the food was on.

Tearfully everybody who had a lovely Christmas saw that Mog’s family didn’t, so they shared all of their presents with Mog’s family and they helped them put all of their decarations up for the rest of December.