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Slitherin VS Hufflepuff By Jack

Chloe passes to Ashlene and she chucks to Hanna and throws to Jack goes in for the goal but ohhhhh he misses by Amira who throws it to Jay who accidentally passes to Ashlene and drops it, Sheila picks it up and chucks it over everyone’s head and Ashlene picks it up and throws it to Jack who runs and wow he scores Slytherin 10 points. Amira passes to Jay runs and goes for the score but nooooo Slytherin have one the match with the Golden Snitch 160 points wooooooooo!!!!??????


On christmas eve the Thomas family are sleeping. clumsily Mog the cat has a bad dream, evil robins are chasing, while he is having the horrible dreams his tail is tangled in loads of chrismas lights. Suddenly Mog gets so scared he starts wagging his tail and suddenly it turns on the cooker with the turkey in it.

Suddenly in the morning Mog woke up and noticed the turkey was burning so Mog jumped on the cooker and it opened tons of smoke came out and filled Mogs face with black gust.While Mog had tons of smoke in his face which made him slip and touched the number 999 on the phone.Mog leeped onto the table which made all the plates slip on the floor , suddenly the chestnuts started popping like popcorn.

Mog jumped onto the big ben clock whick fell on the christmas lights cable and all the lights shutdown and the tree burnt to a crisp. Smoke consumed the house and Mog ran out and a firetruck was there. 5he firemen folowed Mog to the house and put the turkey out.

Rapidly everything was destroyed no present no nothing so all the neighbourhood came and shared there christmas with them and had a big feast.Even Mog got his eggs