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Commentary on Quidditch

As Mrs Spenceley threw the ball Ioana catches the ball for Griffindor then passes it to Lacey and she threw it across the pitch and try’s to throw it to Sorin who is in griffindor but instead Ben catches it for Ravenclaw after did a good throw to Kaaya then to Helena, back to Ben he ran and then…


Mogs Christmas Clamitiy

On Christmas eve, everyone was sleeping and Mog had a nightmare but the rest of the family were having a nice dreams like, the dad was dreaming about a new bat, mum was dreaming about romance and lastly the kids were dreaming about what Father Christmas bought them.

Walking carefully, Mog walked over and pushed the oven door, the smoke bellowed all over Mog. He jumps on top of the clocks. Suddenly, the chestnuts were popping all around just like popcorn.

The cat skidded out side and stopped right in front of the fire engine. Then the fire engines said “Mog saved the day!” The fire engines went inside and got the burnt turkey and sprayed it with a fire extinguisher.

The family went inside and everything was destroyed, so no Christmas for the family and the family got all upset. If the family had no Christmas then the neighborhood shared Christmas.

Finally Mog got his delicious egg.