Commentary Quidditch

As the quaffel  is released Gryffindor takes the lead and passes it to another Gryffindor and trying to pass it to another Gryffindor but It was passed to a Ravenclaw and passes to another Ravenclaw and they score Ravenclaw scores.As the game continues gryffindor has the ball they pass it to another Gryffindor they’re getting closer to the goal as griffin door scores


Commentary on Quidditch

As Mrs Spenceley threw the ball Ioana catches the ball for Griffindor then passes it to Lacey and she threw it across the pitch and try’s to throw it to Sorin who is in griffindor but instead Ben catches it for Ravenclaw after did a good throw to Kaaya then to Helena, back to Ben he ran and then…



Mrs Spencley throws the ball in the air and the match was started Gryffindor catches the ball and passes to Lacey she runs down for the goal but she doesn’t know what to do but she passes to Sorin but Ben intercepts Ravenclaw now have the ball Ben passes to Helena Helena passes back to Ben and Ben make the run Passes back to Helena and Benruns for the goal and then Helena passes to Ben and runs down the pitch towards the goal and Ravenclaw have 10 points.

Quidditch match hufflepuff v slytherin

The game starts of hufflepuff vs slytherin Mcleary  in slytherin has the ball and passes to Redford passes to Mleczek which passes to Stern and attempts to shoot and Moore saves it whilst Sutton and Pleasant are chasing the 150 pointer golden snitch the heat is on. Vernals has the ball and passes to Brown and try’s to pass to White and dosent go as planed. Wright has the ball and win for slytherin from Sutton catching the golden snitch 150 points to 0 points. Then Pleasant says to Sutton gg. The end.

Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw Quidditch Match

The game started when Ioana in Gryffindor catches the quaffle?? and then Lacey in Gryffindor passed to Sorin in Gryffindor  but Ben in Ravenclaw catches the quaffel?.Ben in Ravenclaw passed to Helena in ravenclaw and the she passed to  kya in ravenclaw ?.Kya in Ravenclaw and then passed to Ben and Ben runs to the hoops and scored ?.10 points to Ravenclaw! Gryffindor starts with the quaffel ioana in Gryffindor passed to Sorin but Ben catches it Ben runs off to the hoops but choses to pass to Helena tried to pass to Kya but Kya missed Helena and Lacey in Gryffindor??.Lacey ran to hoops acompanied by Sorin and Ioana both in Gryffindor.She jumped over a bludger Lacey goes in to score but the kipper saves it??.Lacey Injured she is out of the mach the game continues with Ravenclaw with the quaffle Kya passed to Ben and he catches the quaffle and passed to Helena she passed to kya but she missed the quaffle  meanwhile the baters are throwing bludger at eacher back to the Chaos,Kya passed to Alesha she is a bater and she in Gryffindor a  nother person out in Gryffindor it not looking good for Gryffindor?.Alesha passed to Sorin in Gryffindor Sorin go’s to score he scores 10 points Gryffindor?!Suddenly Gryffindor caches the golden snitch 180 points the Gryffindor the game ends!Gryffindor wins??????!



Slitherin VS Hufflepuff By Jack

Chloe passes to Ashlene and she chucks to Hanna and throws to Jack goes in for the goal but ohhhhh he misses by Amira who throws it to Jay who accidentally passes to Ashlene and drops it, Sheila picks it up and chucks it over everyone’s head and Ashlene picks it up and throws it to Jack who runs and wow he scores Slytherin 10 points. Amira passes to Jay runs and goes for the score but nooooo Slytherin have one the match with the Golden Snitch 160 points wooooooooo!!!!??????

Biography of J.K Rowling

End of July 1965 born Joanne Rowling is a British screen writer and author. She was born in Gloucestershire in England and Chepstow in Gwent which is in South-east Wales. Joanne Rowling, who goes by the pen name J.K Rowling, is known for her seven-book series Harry Potter. The first Harry Potter book was The Philosophers Stone published on the 26th June 1997 but she did make other books before that such as Rabbit when she was six. Her father worked as an aircraft engineer in a Rolls-Royce factory and her mum worked as a scientist technician in a chemistry department in Wyedean Comprehensive where Joanne also went to school. In total she has written 26 books.


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My favourite chocolate (yummy)

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