My new chihuahua puppy 🐶

On Sunday my mum asked me if I wanted to come with her because her best friend from work was pregnant 🤰 so I agreed to come with her! I kept talking about having a pet chihuahua but she didn’t agree.It took one hour to get to the house 🏡. As my mum knocked on the door 🚪 the person opened the door and said are you ready to see the puppy and I was sooooooooooo shocked 😮. We went in and saw the most cutest ,the most smallest,the most happiest and the most prettiest chihuahua puppy 🐶! We saw the mum and dad of the chihuahua and was so cute I wish I could keep all of them but I couldn’t.We drove home and I put her in my pet bag and she climbed out the bag to sleep on my lap! We went to the town and tried to buy her some food but it was a Sunday so we had to go to another shop! We were looking at names for dogs and we came up with Marley . Now my other dog which is a beagle has a little sister and has to take care of Marley.


Awww, what a lovely and well written blog!!

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