My weekend ❣️❣️❣️

On my weekend I went to have a sleepover with my cousin and had McDonald’s then we played upstairs and played fun games!We went to bed and watched the greatest showman and fell asleep 💤.The next day I went home and I watched more movies with my mum for a long time in her bed 🛌!Then my sister came and met Mali since she was the new puppy !Then she gave me a cookies and cream lip balm because she had a collection of lip balms. The next day I went to one leisure with my sister and dad! I had to go in the small bit and I was furious!And then on a summer day we went to watch a movie called the kid who would be king and it was all about King Arthur!I loved the movie so much 🍿 🎥!The next day I went shopping with my mum and played with my sister but she had to go back home in London and I was really sad ☹️ and then it was school 🏫 and I made my mum coffee ☕️! And it was the end of my week end.


Wow, what an exciting half term you had. I’m sorry you felt furious when you went swimming- was this because you had a younger person with you? Tell me more.

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