my wonderful weekend

At the weekend I went to the park to walk my dog.When it was the weekend I had to go to my big brothers house because I had not seen him in a long time.After I got back from my brothers I went to lay in my mums bed to watch tv then it was dinner time so I went to eat after I had eaten I went upstairs to play on my PS4.The next day i went to McDonald’s and I had a adult meal but my brother got a McFlurry and I diden’t and I got so mad so I ran out the door and my mum started chasing me.It was funny for me anyway but my mum was so annoyed because she does not like to run.When we got home I got into bed and played on my PS4 again.Then it was dinner time so I went downstairs and had eaten my dinner in less than five minutes I was so shocked I could not believe it.Then it was bed time so I got into bed and watched a movie and fell asleep really early because it was school the next day.

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