How to get a learning license

If you want to get a chance to have a learning license you need to concentrate, listen and be polite.

You have to always be a good role model. You need to always be kind. You can’t take your badge off because people won’t know you are a independent learner. Be proud and help others!

How to get a leaning license

To get a leaning licence you need to concentrate and do loads of hard challenges! You have to be polite to everybody but that is not everything!  You also have to respect one another and listen to all teachers.

How to get a learning license

To get a learning license you need to show all the values like:respect, resilience, courage, pride and team work.

I have got a learning licence! I earnt it by… we had a frame and last year we put a picture in it. On it you needed to listen to the adults,challenge yourself,try to do your best work you can do and be an excellent role model to the school.

My favourite lesson

Hi, today I’m going to write about my favourite lessons. My favourite lesson this week has been English. I have started to like reading our new book called the Firework maker’s daughter. I have thought about what might happen in the story and want to read the next part.

My favourite lesson in school this week

My favourite lesson this week was maths. I have enjoyed the problems we have been solving. It’s been hard work but I’ve tried hard.

How to get a learning license

Hi my name is Alicia and I will tell you how to get a learning license. 

First you need to think what you need to improve in your work or behaviour.For an
example to stop talking to your friends so you have to try and sit with someone else for a
week or more.  Another example is you need is to do more than expected so if you need to do 
more than expected then you should go on Edmodo and see each lesson and learn at home.  This 
means then at school you can do better than everybody else and then you will go on the 
challenges quicker.  If there is a big write then try your best at writing and write in your 
neatest handwriting.  The next example behaviour is that you need to listen to the
teachers and not bully. 
I hope you get your learning license. Good luck.

Gymnastics This Week

Gym this week was fun because we first started to show the coach what a straddle shape was. Then we showed him what a pike shape was.

After we showed the coach what a pike was, we showed him what a tuck was. Once we did that,  we lined up to walk on our tiptoes and with our arms out to balance. After that we did rolly pollys (forward rolls) and I hit my self sadly. After that we did cartwheels and I did a one handed one.

Stem Week

What I liked about stem week was when we went around the school and measured the sound level using a decibel meter on the ipad.

Stem Week

My favourite part of stem Week was making my irrigation system for our plants. My second favourite is the science learning.

Stem week was amazing

During the week we got to make Cotton candy with Mrs Sewell.


In stem week we created an irrigation system and put it in our allotment and put water in it. We had fun and we learnt that you can make your own irrigation system at home.

We went around year 4 and measured the different sounds.

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