Friday 2nd of February 2018

Made the big write on 18/01/18

First of all a nonfiction book isn’t a story it’s a book that has facts in it that are true.

If you want to go to find a page in the book but not go through a whole book,then you can go to the back of the book and look at the index so it can show you what page it is on for example Orion on page 7.

If you want to learn quick facts very fast but not read a whole book or page,then you can look at the glossary,It’s normally 1 or 2 pages before the Index.

Some of the books show at the end some books that can help you aswell.

At the front of the book it has something called “Contents”.Its basically just shows “One” very usefull page for what you want to find facts about.Although at the “very first page” you can find the facts about the book like when it was published but only some books have it.

Sometimes the pictures help because it shows the detail so it’s easier to understand hard words.