19 Jun 2017

All about me

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I was born in 2008.

I am 9 years old.

My favourite foods are pizza ,fish and chips.

My least favourite foods are olive,peppers and hot sauce.

At school, i lke learning all the subjects.

I like to watch Soy Luna and Henry Danger.

Also i have a pet dog  called Sisi. 

30 Mar 2017

What I want to be when I’m older

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When I’m older I want to be like Henry Ford if you don’t know he made the car model Ford he made one of the first car and I am really into cars. I was inspired by my granddad because he had brought us lots of decorations that are car models and then me and my brother started asking what type of model each car is.

In my future I might be a kabatti player, kabatti is a sport that some countries play. The aim of the game is to touch a player on the opposite team then you have to run back to your side of the pich but if you are touched by the person you tagged while trying to run to your side the opposite team will get a point.

30 Mar 2017


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After school I went home and got changed. I had food I had pie with chicken and gravy it was lovely. When I finished I played on my iPad and played Go Craft is a miner craft and my mum said time to go I got my shoes on and coat  I went in the car and got to my mums friends house and I played with a boy In year 3 and his name is Ryse we played power rangers and played air hockey it was good and fun.

I needed to go home I went home and got to bed I woke up mum was a sleep and I got my school clothes on and played on my iPad and mum woke we had food and went to school I done clocks and I done all of them right yay.

30 Mar 2017

Food I like

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Fish fingers




pasta with cheese

30 Mar 2017

My holiday

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On my holiday I went to my grandads and nans and my auntie is coming today.


30 Mar 2017

Sleepover fun

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So in the morning me and Jessica L went to Polish school we learned Polish and German. Then my mum was busy so she asked Jessica’s mum to take me to her house. The first thing we did was go on Mathletics and we won loads of points. Then Jessica’s mum took us to Claire’s and gave each of us 10 pounds and we spent it all. Then she took us to McDonald’s to eat. We were lucky enough to have the table with the iPad. Then we went home and 5 minutes later my mum came home so me and Jessica asked if  my mum would stay for some coffee. Me and Jessica ran upstairs to write on loads of paper SLEEPOVER PLEASE. Then we asked them to come upstairs and paper was all over the room with SLEEPOVER PLEASE and Jessica already packed her Bag and we were ready to go!

30 Mar 2017

All about my friends

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Jessica is the best gymnast in the world and the best drawer.

Elena is the NO:1 drawer and she’s the best BFF ever!

Fahima is my friend too and she’s always be my side.
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30 Mar 2017

Cake and school

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Today we done a maths warm up when it was hard.when we done that we make the cookies with dough

30 Mar 2017

All about me and my friends sculpture

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In Burwell me and elena,Clayton and Harrison made a cartoon reindeer 

When we had a idea 💡 the whole group went to collect wood ,sticks and leaves 🍃 .

After, we had all the things we needed.We stared to make it.We all showed lots of 



Once we we finished making the sculpture we added some  detail like getting some

powder for the  eyes 👀.At last we had a picture all together with the cartoon reindeer


30 Mar 2017

Tim peake quick facts

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•His father was a journalist

•His mother was a midwife

•Had 2 sons

•Born April 7th 1972 in Chichester Sussex 

•First Britain astronaut to the ISS (International space station)

•His wife ,young son and him moved