Mount Vesuvius


Mount Vesuvius is about 4,200 feet high, but it changes after every eruption.However the cone is 305 meters long and 2,000 feet long.The hole was found in the 1944.Something about the volcano its caused by breakdown of Mount Somma.


The lava is reddish and yellow,although the lava’s temperature is 1,200 deggres .Mount ,Vesuvius is mostly famous for the 79AD eruptions. When it explodes it carries large bolders into the air. Mount, Vesuvius is one is one of the most dangerous volcanos in the world because 3,000,000 people live near the volcano .Mount, Vesuvius is also dangerous beacause people live near it than any other volcano. The most famous eruption was on 24th August when it destroyed the Roman cities of Pompei and Herculaneum.

History of Mount Vesuvius.

Mount, Vesuvius is loctated in Napels , Italy .However its the only volcano located in the mainland of Europe. The last eruption , which was in 1944,destroyed 3 villigas. Mount, Vesuvius has erupted more than 200 times. Its actually made out of 2 volcanos.

Fun Facts.

The volcano has destroyed many cities for example :the acient  Roman cities of Pompei.Before calling it a volcano they called it a Vulcan. The initial mushroom cloud in the 79AD eruption,shot 20 miles into the air. It also famous for the 24 hour last erouption.