mount vesuvius

history facts

mount erupted moor than 50 times and moor than 200 times.The last eruption hapend in 1944,which was a very long time ago, and people didn’t know they lived next to a volcano which¬† cud erapt eany second.

deadly facts

did you know ashis of mount Vesuvius are very deadly because of that there is lava in the volcano the ashis are very dedly. mount Vesuvius has smooth lava that makes the lava and the volcano so deadly. Ashes of the volcano comes out cold for some reason.

other facts

unlicke over volcanos mount Vesuvius is in Italy,noples and the volcano is so dangres because the mount destrouid thousend of homes in noples. did you know volcano was active for 100 years before it erupted .

fun facts

surprisingly mount in 2013 was 4,203 foot tool. The volcano is made out of two volcanos. The volcanos were not named because the romans didn’t know what the volcanos were but when the first eruption hapend they named the volcanos¬† volcanos.