Mount Vesuvius


Mount vesusius is located in Naples, Italy and the huge mountain is very famous. Mount vesusius is 400,000years old and is 2000 feet deep. The volcano is 4203 feet tall and at the peak of the cone it is a large hole wich is 1000 feet. mount vesusius has a bole distsnce of 48.3 km.


did you know that oldest known eruption was in 79 ad unlike other volcanos mount vesusius has erupted over 200 times.The 79 ad eruption lasted more than 24 hours. The last majour eruption killed 26 people and injured 12,000 people. The most recent eruption happened in August 2020.


The boiling hot  lava from mount Vesuvius is 300c or 500f. another amazing fact is lava killed 30,000 people in 79 ad. Lava obliterated Herculaneum. The 79 ad eruption destroyed roman cities.

Other information

Mount Vesuvius was found by Rocco giachino de alubiere in 1748. only active volcano on the main land of Europe. 3,000,000 people live near the volcano so this means if the volcano erupts again these people will be in big danger. Mount Vesuvius is famous for its large 1944 eruption.