The story

As I started the journey through this incredible long tunnel I stepped in and started to get a breeze I kept on walking .It went colder and colder. As I was getting closer it felt like I was in ice and snow. I finally made it half way. It started getting warmer. As I took a step it was like the first half was just filled with snow and ice and the other half filled with radiation anyway I started to see some lights in the distance it was so close that I arrived.

After several hours walking though the tunnel I was looking towards the glistening stars in the lit up, delightful fortune. The city glowed in the sunless sky and the skyscraper are modern but actually it not. Loads of paranormal activity happens in the skyscraper, like ghosts moving certain and doors and blinds and the same time and mostly does it at midnight before this became a city it was a humongous hospital that served people though the Civil  war. It got knock down during the seventeens and then got made into a modern looking city when people go to sleep they will get nightmares!!! No one can escape.

As I walked in this futuristic metropolis all, there were was a sea of skyscraper while I were walking pass five outstanding detail piece of work. As I look at this piece of work, I was amazed. All the buildings were made from some wood and brick so it will give texture. From last time when I finished searching thought latest metropolis after that I saw someone near the entrance of a hotel. I saw a person near the entrance he went behind the pole and disappeared in thin air. It was like a ghost anyway I went to my room 372 and I turned the tv on. Paranormal investigators called and said leave the building were going into lockdown.

After the paranormal investigators, left I went back up to my room. I was knocked out because of how sleepy I was. After several hours I eventually woke up and went to get a cup of coffee. After I had finished making it, I drank it down. Then I saw an old building that was probably built in the seventies. It was near this abandoned grave yard that no one ever saw because there is a brick wall covering it .

You have created an interested story. There is lots of description. It would have been nice to see speech as that was one of your steps to success and more of a structure, using the one that was given to you. 

Mount Vesuvius


Mount Vesuvius is located in the golf of Naples in Italy .  did you know mount Vesuvius is 4203 feet above sea level. Mount Vesuvius is a famous but very deadly more than 1 million people died because of mount Vesuvius.


Did you know Mount Vesuvius take about 9 kilometer of  the main land of Europe? There are two other volcano near Mount Vesuvius the first one is called Elm and Stromboli did you know people live closer to mount Vesuvius than the other two


Mount Vesuvius repeted 50 more after 79ad . did you know you could  not see the burnt town because of the ash. ever since the town got burnt down it never got re built  until it was discovered in the 18 century


Did you know the Samrno river flows changed  directions and beach rose . Because of Pompeii this is not a river or the east coast . Also It formed two more volcano

Other information

If you would breath in the smoke glass would form in your stomach Did you know the lava is 999c anything in  the lava way would get destroyed The lava is smooth which means it deadly.