Hope’s story

Sophie started to step forward she felt a warm breeze hit her face for a second, but as she set off for her mysterious journey she was wondering. Where will this lead me? Will it be hot or cold? Is it a treasure hunt? Is there a treasure map?

Lots of thoughts were running through Sophie’s head. She was excited, happy and wondrous, she was a bit worried and scared about her parents.

Sophie was nearly at the end when when someone was calling her name. She turned around, it was Sally Sophie’s best friend. Now Sophie felt safe and not as scared. As they started to walk to the end they saw a little door. They were confused. How they could get through? they looked around. Around the corner of a bush was a little table, that had 2 bottles of water that had a note on it saying “drink me.” So they did. Miraculously, they were small enough to fit through the door…

Once they went through the door to the unknown universe, they saw a cake on the floor.

“This has to be a dream.” said the girls at the same time.

It was real. The girls walked towards a palace. They were stopped by 2 baby polar bears. They were so cute that they had to stroke them. “The snowmen well are talking.” said Sally well that’s what they thought. 2 boys popped their heads out from behind the snowmen. the boys started to laugh at them. The girls weren’t happy.

“Who are you.” said the boys

“That’s what we were going to say.” said Sally “we are Sophie and Sally”

“We are Joe and John.” said the boys “why don’t you come in our ice place?” said Joe

“Sure why not.” said the Sally. the girls went in and they were speechless it looked so comfy and felt warm.

“We have a sister will you like to meet her? said Joe

“Sure why not.” said sally.

They met the boys sister but they had to have a conversation and the girls saw it was getting a bit late so they went home and had tea and then went to bed thinking about what happened to day.

The next day, the girls went back to the other world. They found the boys on the other side of the door. As they went in, they saw a rabbit. She was called Bella. She could talk thought Sally. Bella showed the girls around the forest and all the animals were related to snow.
“This is a cool forest.” Said Sophie
“Maybe we should go home it is getting really cold.” said Sally
“We will come back tomorrow .”

The next morning, Sophie and Sally were going to the ice world but something was wrong! The door was broken and no one was inside. All of a sudden they heard screaming. They knew who it was.

“Wait now I know what this place is from. The Ice legend. She freezes people and cool things into ice sculptures.” said Sophie
“WE HAVE BEEN TRICKED!” screamed Sally
The girls went up to them but Loren, the boys mum, nearly got the girls. They tried to trick them by pretending to work with them but they did not buy it.

Two days later the ice family moved into the house right next to them and they never attacked again.



A lovely story Hope. You have followed the story structure and created your own characters. Well done. 

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