Mount Vesuvius


Mount VesuviusĀ  is 25,000 years old and it is 4,200 feet 1,280 meters. It is in Naples, Italy. The volcano is the most dangerous volcano in the world. The volcano killed 16,000 people it is formed from 2 volcanos.


The volcano has erupted more than 200 times. The lava is called Andesite. Before the 79AD eruption volcanoes did not have a name then the Romans called them volcanos after the god Vulcan.

The future Predicion is that it is that the volcano is really active the earliest eruption was in 2020.

fun facts

It is the only volcano on the main land of Europe that erupted in the last 100 years the eruption in 79 ad lasted for more than 24 hoursĀ  the city Pompeii were destroyed after they were berried. under meters of ash and volacanic matirial .


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