Mount Vesuvius


Mount Vesuvius is located in the golf of Naples in Italy .  did you know mount Vesuvius is 4203 feet above sea level. Mount Vesuvius is a famous but very deadly more than 1 million people died because of mount Vesuvius.


Did you know Mount Vesuvius take about 9 kilometer of  the main land of Europe? There are two other volcano near Mount Vesuvius the first one is called Elm and Stromboli did you know people live closer to mount Vesuvius than the other two


Mount Vesuvius repeted 50 more after 79ad . did you know you could  not see the burnt town because of the ash. ever since the town got burnt down it never got re built  until it was discovered in the 18 century


Did you know the Samrno river flows changed  directions and beach rose . Because of Pompeii this is not a river or the east coast . Also It formed two more volcano

Other information

If you would breath in the smoke glass would form in your stomach Did you know the lava is 999c anything in  the lava way would get destroyed The lava is smooth which means it deadly.


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