Be the chosen one

Are you bored doing the same thing every day? Do you want some excitement in your life? Then join the Roman Army we need you!

Do you want to Travel The World? Join us! The Roman Army you will travel and fight for your country. You will discover new country’s , and want to open your eyes to new country’s Join Us!.

When you join the roman army you must wage but you will earn a good amount of money , when we win a country fight you will get doubled the money. You have to do duties and that means that you have to fight and win don’t worry if you lose you will get a small. If you do join the Roman Army you will become fit and strong which means there is low percentage you will lose and there’s a high percentage you will win and survive.

Are you worried? that when you join you will have to pay for the armour and weapons don’t worry! We have it all ready and steady for you. Depends if it’s weapons or armour it will be ready! Your shield will be ready hard as a rock,your spear with the pointy edge and defeating your enemies , Your armour flexible vicious and protective. When someone throws a spear at you and you can’t block it with a shield your armour will only get a bend which means you will survive.


Make the right choice and join the Roman Army!


Jakub Margalski

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