Be the best!

Are you bored doing the same thing every day? Do you want some excitement in your life? Then join the Roman Army we need you.

Are you worried of the price of the equipment and weapons? Well this is what you need: you must join the
terrific Roman Army to get your own equipment that is free. No more paying! The weapons you get are free, not just that ,when you defeat you horrid enemy you get more weapons. Now that is something you really need! You can use an amazing piece of a technology called a scorpion too.

You will earn your own treasures. Don’t forget that when we invade glorious places you will take their money to make more profits. Your duties will get bigger but bigger the more money you get. Your food and refreshments for absolutely worth no money at all.

Join today to make your loved ones proud and get lots of profits.

By Hope L

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