Be the chosen one

Are you bored doing the same thing every day? Do you want some excitement in your life? Then join the Roman Army we need you!

Do you want to Travel The World? Join us! The Roman Army you will travel and fight for your country. You will discover new country’s , and want to open your eyes to new country’s Join Us!.

When you join the roman army you must wage but you will earn a good amount of money , when we win a country fight you will get doubled the money. You have to do duties and that means that you have to fight and win don’t worry if you lose you will get a small. If you do join the Roman Army you will become fit and strong which means there is low percentage you will lose and there’s a high percentage you will win and survive.

Are you worried? that when you join you will have to pay for the armour and weapons don’t worry! We have it all ready and steady for you. Depends if it’s weapons or armour it will be ready! Your shield will be ready hard as a rock,your spear with the pointy edge and defeating your enemies , Your armour flexible vicious and protective. When someone throws a spear at you and you can’t block it with a shield your armour will only get a bend which means you will survive.


Make the right choice and join the Roman Army!


Jakub Margalski

Be the best!

Are you bored doing the same thing every day? Do you want some excitement in your life? Then join the Roman Army we need you.

Are you worried of the price of the equipment and weapons? Well this is what you need: you must join the
terrific Roman Army to get your own equipment that is free. No more paying! The weapons you get are free, not just that ,when you defeat you horrid enemy you get more weapons. Now that is something you really need! You can use an amazing piece of a technology called a scorpion too.

You will earn your own treasures. Don’t forget that when we invade glorious places you will take their money to make more profits. Your duties will get bigger but bigger the more money you get. Your food and refreshments for absolutely worth no money at all.

Join today to make your loved ones proud and get lots of profits.

By Hope L

Join the Roman Army today

Join today!

Are you bored the same thing every day? Do you want some excitement in your life? Then join the roman army. We need you!

You can actually ride all the way to England to Rome by yourself. the world so you went to from England to rome you can travel back to romeland probably  you will see exciting extraordinary boats and sights with the roman army you will travel the world from rome to your inspire to be the greatest on earth

do you want amazing boats traveling on the water?

do you want to see rubbish on the water?

do you want to go on amazing adventures instead of sitting at home home all day?

do you want to see amazing armour?


By Jasmine

Roman army


Are you bored doing the same thing every day? Do you want some excitemnt in you life? Then join the Roman army we need you!


Do you want an extraodinary trip around the world? As you are a Roman soldier you will be able to travel the butifull world. Open your eyes and see your amazing extraodinary world that you live in.Experience new people\places and customs and you can even try new langes and new food.


Do you want to earn an amzing amount of money? When you join the greatest Roman army you will earn a big amount of wages. If you dont dont join this army you wont have the best wage. When you fight for the forious Romans you will get paid more than you think. If you fight whith the Romans you will get the greatest and the best wages ever.Want to earn wages then come fight whith the Romans.


when you join the Roman army you will become fit an strong.If you are under 17 you must get fit and strong when you train with the Romans.You will be mighty brave fit and strong when you get trained.When you get trained with the Romans you will be big strong. If you be trained by the best Romans well your lucky becuase you will become the best soldier in the world.

What are you wating for?The fist five hundred people  to get here you will get paid more than the others.

by Naylah