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People all over the world are missing their family and friends: unable to sea them; unable to hug them ; unable to have some fun. Are you one of these people? Calls, emails and video chats are you left wanting more? Well I can make that wish come true. A special present for a friend or a family member – are you ready for a most impressive product that I’ve done? They are  impressive indeed because on the outside a normal present but inside a sizeable, delightful and  enjoyable surprise. Are you ready to amaze, surprise and shock your friends and families?

Emotive crafts offers a personalised gift box with a delightful surprise. This is sure to bring joy to the family. because you can’t bring a sizeable hug then that means our gift box can give a sizeable hug then. The box will be delivered to those who want to surprise, delight and entertain. You can choose from 3 different designs and we will customise it with your own greeting. Inside the box you will find an extraordinary  pop-up display. Some will want to send it to their family some people will want to send it to their friends and some people will want it to them selves doesn’t matter who you send it to you gonna love this. This exquisite gift is for 1 pound 50 pence.

But this is just the beginning.I believe that in the future , we plan to expand Emotive Crafts by sending gifts, cards and balloons.

However, without your support our future will be just a dream. If you want to bring joy to other people’s lives then come on and buy our  product. Thank you for listening have a lovely day.


Zofia, this is beautifully written, well done. You have really thought about your audience and how you can persuade them to purchase your product. Well dont. 

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