Cake it! :)


During lockdown baking has taken over Britain!  So there’s hardly any flour, sugar, eggs or other essentials for baking. We are going to bring all the necessary supplies to your door in no time. We know that not everyone can be in the same room baking  together that’s why we have surprisingly cheap prices so you and your relatives can bake together through a device and still have a fun time! Our business also has a variety of sweet treats for you to make from cakes to brownies and cookies.

Cake it! offers families and friends the most exceptional baking experience complete with customised ingredient.s As we are shut away from the outside world with nothing to do,  we got the idea that we could spread joy through the love of baking and bring families and friends closer to each other. We will provide you with standard eco-friendly boxes containing ingredients tailored to your baking needs, we guarantee that when shipped to your home address nothing will be cracked or spilt open when it arrives and feel free to keep any left over ingredients or containers. Contact our company if there are any allergy or diet restrictions. Are you going to buy from our shop?

Our prices rang from £4:00 to £5:00,  so cheap right? But it doesn’t stop there: Our company plans to expand by improving our recipes, easier ways to accesses packages and even none baking recipes! However our dreams will never come true if you don’t invest in our products. Help us continue our dream journey. We believe that our business will grow across the country and become a world known company.  Thank you  for reading this speech we hope to see you at the online checkout!


Well Done Millie. A great pitch for your product. You have tried to use a lot of A FOREST PIE features. 





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