Kitty Daycare


No one to look after your cat; no one to groom them; no one to play with them; no one to feed them. If you’re going on holiday how will you look after your cuddly kitten? your cat how’s bored of sitting in the same place’ might want to try somewhere new and make more kitty pals. Do you want your cat to have a new pal of life a healthy life, are you ready for your cat to get a new lease of life.

At Kitty Daycare, we can provide your cat with what it needs to live a healthy life. As lockdown slows down people are going on holidays well how will look after your cat. Kitty Daycare will we have everything you need to look after a cuddly kitten, you can come and see them when you want and where you want it’s so good.

this is just the start o Kitty Daycare, As more people give the word out, we will get more money so then we can take different animals in our service. We want nice things to have a new power in their life people I hope you’re as excited as I am.

Well done Luke! You have worked incredibly hard to draft and uplevel your persuasive pitch this week! I am proud of your resilience with writing! 

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