During lockdown baking has taken over Britain!  So there’s hardly any flour, sugar, eggs or other essentials for baking. We are going to bring all the necessary supplies to your door in no time. We know that not everyone can be in the same room baking  together that’s why we have surprisingly cheap prices so […]

People all over the world are missing their family and friends: unable to sea them; unable to hug them ; unable to have some fun. Are you one of these people? Calls, emails and video chats are you left wanting more? Well I can make that wish come true. A special present for a friend […]

No one to look after your cat; no one to groom them; no one to play with them; no one to feed them. If you’re going on holiday how will you look after your cuddly kitten? your cat how’s bored of sitting in the same place’ might want to try somewhere new and make more […]

Welcome to HPS Blogs. You will want to change the look of the blog to create something that more suits your class. Remember the blogging guidelines: Only use your first name when commenting or posting to a blog. NEVER write any personal details on a blog (surname, date of birth, email address, phone number, address […]