ON my weekend

On the weekend I went to town with my mum,Nan,sister and my brother and went to cafe Nero. I had chocolate cake then we went to Sainsbury’s and I saw Whitney. Then I went to my best friend’s house 🏠. I asked her little brother if he wanted to play a game  with me and we played a lot of games all day long .

On Sunday I had  a great time with my dad 🙋🏻‍♂️and we went to his 🏠 we  did some colouring and we watched some movies on the TV 🖥 in his room.Then  we had some diner and did some more colouring  and  watched more movies 🎥  and have lots more fun  until I had to  home  then I had to go to bed🛏


My wonderful half term

On my half term I looked after my best  friend’s baby  brother 👶🏼over night and we went to  Johnson’s farm.

I also carved my pumpkin 🎃 with my cousin  and I did a really scary skull  it was so good I loved it.

I went to the movies 🎥 with my mum,sister,mum’s friend and her girls I went to see Goosebumps 2 .It was so scary but I loved it and we got the seats 💺 at the top of the stairs.