A trip to Cambridge

Today I will tell you about my trip to Cambridge on the weekend.

On Saturday I had a regular start to it just have my breakfast 🥞, brushed my teeth,had a shower 🚿 and my mum asked if I wanted to go anywhere and I responded “mum it’s suppose to be a rest day,”but my mum was like “that’s Sunday, “ .And then my aunt said we are going so if you want to stay home 🏠 you would be by myself and to be true I have never been home alone,every time she says that I am convinced to go with them so I got changed and got a snack. I got in the car 🚗 and we drove there.All I did on the way is play my DS and 💤 sleep

When we got there we had a walk to the mall called the grand arcade or lion yard anways we looked around and got in some shops but what I did is try to find WiFi , but the only place I got active is when we got to smiggle and the library also when we got FOOD 😋 for lunch I had a burger 🍔. Also some  🍟 fries  I was really stuffed but later on I had a belly ache 😖 because I had to walk all around the mall.In smiggle I didn’t no what to get so my mum said “why don’t we come back later”and I was like”ok”.we took a guide of what was in store and I knew I wanted a glitter notebook and since it was 20 or 30% of it was £6.50 then after we went to tkmax and did a little shopping there.Suddenly my mum asked if I could by cookies but the only reason is that she wanted some but we were able to get home safe.

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