Big Write

Big Write is exactly what you think it is a BIG page and a half or so of work – all writing! Last week I managed my best Big Write with seven and a half paragraphs of writing. This week I neatly wrote six paragraphs, just over one and a quarter pieces of paper. I am getting better as the weeks before I only did four paragraphs.

Why I really enjoy Art!

The reason I love Art is because you can do whatever you what and just be creative! You can really let your emotions out on the page and just express your feelings. You can just explore the world of Art and just let you paint brush or pencil go where it likes! Art lets your positivity spread on paper and everyone should love you the way you are.

By Phoebe

Online safety

Online safety is where if people ask you where you live you should not tell others your personal information.

If you see a game that says you will win 1000 pounds ? don’t do it because people can steal your money?.

You should not ask others for personal information or talk to people you don’t know – you wouldn’t do this in real life!

What Meerbat has been doing with Miss Sewell

Meerbat was very happy with all his other teddy friends . He was also very comfortable and cosy ! Meerbat was ready to go to sleep after saving the day !  Meerbat did lots of  sleeping with Mrs Sewell and his friends !


We have a mascot called Meerbat  he is in a chocolate box eating all of Miss Sewell’s chocolates!

What is Christmas ? about?

Christmas is a special time of year to spend with your family and having Christmas ? cheers. You should thank  Santa ? for what he gave you and at Christmas you should be happy ?.



Meerbat’s adventures!

 When I got Meerbat, we went to my Nan and my Grandad’s house and played lots of fun games like dominos. After that, Meerbat helped me to tidy up my room and to tidy up the front room.

Meerbat keeps warm

Meerbat is standing near the fireplace  so he can keep warm. ??

Meerbat went home with Mrs Sewell in the Christmas holidays and this is what happened. they went ice skating and opened Christmas presents and Meerbat was eating the Christmas chocolate from Mrs Sewell.Meerbat was on the light and that is very bad.sometime Meerbat is good but I think it was Christmas and Meerbat was a bit happy and he has never had Christmas.Meerbat is a good friend because he is so cute and he is so much fun with lots of people and children like me he was very good and helpful.Meerbat was so excited for the Christmas holidays because he loves Christmas because he likes giving and thinking about people if they don’t have Christmas. I wish sometimes class 12 you will all get a turn with Meerbat.

The time Meerbat had with Miss sewell

In the Christmas holidays Miss Sewell (our teacher) took Meerbat home . Here is a picture of them enjoying the holidays and Meerbat was hanging onto the light! It looks like he is pretending to be Superman!