What I do at Easter

In my family, I actually start Easter on Good Friday,  which is today. My mum and brother (and sometimes me) go on a walk called the Walk of Witness and at the the end you eat a hot cross bun. We also hang out and remember the last supper. We have a special tea which is lamb and  turkey. On the Saturday we go to my grandma and grandad’s house and have dinner. Finally the next day it is Easter and we get a few presents and chocolate eggs. The true meaning of Easter is not a time just for chocolate,  it’s  a time to rejoice and think about the Easter story. I will tell you that it all starts with  Palm Sunday when Jesus arrived in Jurusalum and people waved palm leaves. They put them on the floor like a carpet. This is why we have palm crosses and get them in church but a few days later Jesus had a meal with his friends (the disciples) which was called the Last Supper. Jesus broke bread and said it was his flesh. He drank wine and said it was his blood. This is why we have communion but he also said that one of his followers woud betray him. Then on the Friday one of his disciples called Judas did betray him. They led him right to Jesus where he was praying in a garden. Then people accused him of crimes and were shouting to crusify him so they put him on a cross to die. Then they put his body in a tomb and sealed it with a stone. On the Sunday his body was gone and Jesus had come to life.

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