My time in Chiquitos

When we walked in Chiquitos, we had a glass of water and we tried some different spicy foods that some people liked and some people didn’t like to eat .

When we had finished eating our spicy food, we tried to make our own buritos and our leader was Georgina. She told the chef to put our delicious buritos in the hot oven. When we ate our own buritos, they were tasty. There was a competition for the best burito. The winner of the competition was Livia and she had a sombrero hat with a yellow ribbon! We also had a sombrero hat but without a yellow ribbon. We were really  happy because they gave us a little Chiquitos goody bag. When we went back to school we were wearing our sombrero hats and Mrs Smith took a picture of us and she put the picture on the school website and we all went back home. It was a good day.

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