Sophia and the fiend

Sophia slowly, walked into the new world and she was shocked when she saw a creepy monster and gloomy trees. So she started to run into the deep dark forest, hoping that nothing pops out at her. Even though it is not a good idea to run into the woods she’s still going to do it because she is a brave person. A few minutes later she made a campfire and a tent because she is full of inventions. She is extremely tired and is going to sleep because it’s already been ages. She’s going to write a note to her parents that says “Imagine a world full of frights that will haunt you for the rest of your life, a place so petrifying you will flaunt in two minutes a place where you need to RUN. She is going to try and send that note to her parents their all probably worried sick wondering where I am “I can’t wait to go back home” she said quietly.

The next day the mysterious world had another crazy surprise in store for her and that surprise is well you wait and see. Sophia started to wonder around the woods and explore when she heard a crack in the distance, it was a girl lost in the darkness  she came up to Sophia and said “Hi my name is Chloe, please can you get me back home.” Sophia cleared her throat and said “Well I’m going to build a tele-porter and we can both go home.” But it might take a while  even though I’m a science genius I could use some hands. Don’t worry I’ll teach you how to use cables wires energy sources and all those! Chloe looked a bit worried and shocked” What’s wrong” Sophia said  “It’s  just that what happens if the experiment goes wrong ? I’m sure it Won’t sadly they were interrupted by the fiends awful minions. After some intense running they finally reached a safe spot to continue their invention. But they still have to be extremely careful and cautious because the Fiend and his minions are still on the hunt.

Sophia and Chloe finally found a safe spot to build their great invention but Sophia was shocked. The reason why she was shocked is because Chloe is a robot and its one of the Fiends nasty tricks. Sophia started to run as quick as a flash Chloe screamed “Wait” but it’s too late Sophia has already blasted off to somewhere else. After a few hours she finally found a spot to build her tele-porter and this time she’s actually going to finish it without getting interrupted all the time. Darkness shot up around her. Suddenly everything went cold and gloomy  but that won’t stop her from building  her teleporter  She isn’t scared of a monster castle with a gigantic red loopy tongue that can gobble a whole city up in one bite she isn’t scared because she always finds a way to outsmart the evil. The skill to beat someone who is bigger than you is that you have to be quicker more cautious and way more  smarter then them. Not long later  a strange sound  appeared  out off nowhere and it was the evil tree minions with red solid paint on their trunks which is a sign for war Sophia had a trick. Her trick was she was going to build a portal not a  teleporter she wasn’t going to build the portal home is was going to be another hidden spot in the woods. Sophia is lucky because the trees are scared of fire so she can throw a stick of fire to  make them distracted so she threw with power. In seconds they were running around screaming and Sophia had a smirk on her face it buoyed her a lot of time to finish. In a few minutes she finally finished her portal she saluted and said bye bye.

Sophia is now safe to build her tele-porter ,but the Fiend who is 195, is still on the chase and he is ready for battle. But Sophia isn’t going to give up now, she’s going to try and build this tele-porter if it takes a million years for her to do it. Sophia is half way through this tele-porter she is mainly focusing on the cables when again she hears the noise. It’s the trees and the came for revenge so Sophia better stay ready and cautious for battle. Fire in the hole they shouted  and they through a  gigantic boulder at her luckily it missed an hit the trees, Sophia  fired back and through a stick of fire and they were burnt to a crisp so she could build her tele-porter. A few minutes later she finished her tele-porter and now she can go back home to see her family But the fiend wasn’t done yet he came with Chloe dangling in his arms saying “hey Sophia come and get your friend” Sophia shouted “I know she’s a robot” The Fiend throw Chloe into the distance Sophia chucked water at him aah he screamed Sophia said bye bye Fiendand she jumped in the tele-porter nooooo he screamed. Sophia thinks she won but she lead them  right to her.

The End