The Digestive System

It all began on an old ,sharp , rusty  fork into the snake like toung  grabbed the chewy piece of meat it ripped and tore loudly. The teeth were as white as snow and as sharp as a blade

Down goes the gooey messy food into the black tunnel of darkness  slowly going down  the 25 cm tune

Aggressively getting contracted and pushed  further down the oesophagus  .A slimy  mucus helping the gooey mess on its way  .

Suddenly in that second the food dropped down into the stomach of dread .

Echoing around the dark stock the food is getting attacked by the acid killing all the bacteria .

Wow, the small intestine is 6. 5  .  It is slipping its way to its destiny

Meanwhile the filly mess was rolling slowly  into the large intestine suddenly it begins  soaking the yummy goodness .

Aggressively pushing the semi solid waste called faeces to the colon and rectum

finally the mussels relaxs and push the smelly mess into the toilet