My story

After hours or even days of walking in this tunnel I have found the light at the end of the tunnel. All of these exhausting hours have found the end. This felt like I’ve been here all my life, I thought there was no escape but I have found hope. My family must miss me I feel more bad for them than I do for me. I have not found signs of escaping this miserable tunnel since I entered this death trap. All I wish is that I could see my family and talk with them for at least a little. Starvation is getting on my mind now and it makes me feel sicker and sicker every day.    Every second I get closer and closer but am still far from the end. Whenever I think about my family, food and drinks I feel like it’s the last pain I will get in ages. I feel heart broken and lonely whenever I think about a person or a loved ones. Am getting pulled by a mysterious force, I don’t know what it is, it haunts me but am also thankful. Am getting closer to the light for the first time in ages, AM GOING IN!

Imagine a world that is filled with delicious smells, a never ending paradise of jolly stuff: This is the world standing in front of me. Stepping inside I feel sunshine touch my pale skin in a long time, it felt amazing. As soon as I stepped into the unknown I smelt a immediate smell whizzing around my nose, “Food!”, I thought. I had so many dreams and all of them came true immediately. I continued to wonder through this mysterious world. Blinding lights dance across the sky, A rainbow!”, I screamed aloud, wondering if this was a dream. “What else will surprise me?”…

Walking further into the unknown, I heard chirps of birds in the trees. I hear a mumbling voice in the background: I don’t think much of it. Stumbling on a rock, I got caught in a trap, I felt unconscious for a second but quickly got up. I found out  that it was a bear trap, I hear branches coming from far away snap then I got scared. I overestimated what would come and maybe eat me. Then right in front of me I saw a small animal, it looked blue, it had tall ears, big round eyes as big as a ball, and it also has a lot of fur all over. It was cute and tiny it couldn’t eat me so I thought. “What are you doing here?”, said the animal, I replied, “I went through a tunnel to here and got trapped.”, “Oh what’s your name, mines Cuchie.”, “Mines Jess.” I said. Cuchie seemed friendly so I was not scared anymore, “Can I have a tour around the world?”, “Yes you can said Cuchie releasing me from the the trap. “What kind of place is this, do you this?”, I asked waiting for a answer, “This is one of the many worlds out there, and yes I own. This world is a oasis and dreams to a lot of people, anyway let’s get on with the tour.”, replied Cuchie in a fashioned way.

Scratching my head I said,”Are you alone?”, in reply Cuchie said, “No there has been mysterious figures popping up and making havoc.”. “How can I help you?”, “You can’t.” unfortunate I thought…  We  walked and walked talking and I asked a lot of questions and still wondered about the figures. The blazing sun annoyed me so much so I asked to go inside. I did not want to stay here for long but I wanted to help Cuchie. night was coming by fast so I prepared to sleep, we both said goodnight to each other while walking to the houses. Throughout the night I heard strange noises: I thought it was those creatures. Come here. I got really scared and hid in my blanket, scared for my life I quickly fell asleep. Next morning I woke up to a beautiful sunrise, that must of been the scariest night of my life. Now I know what Cuchie meant by figures but I have not seen them yet. I needed to do something to stop this, I can’t imagine this happening every single night, I need a plan…

After experiencing the scariest thing of my life I had more to come by. The next morning I saw a Black Forest in the distance, I told myself to not touch it or get close to it but it was tempting. Quickly when I saw Cuchie, that was sitting on the bench, I said, “Hello, did you see those figures last night?”, “No, have you?”, replied Cuchie, “I have, strange.”. I turned around and saw oceans of black and darkness, I said, “We need to fix this now!”, “I’ve been trying for years on end but I can’t…” said Cuchie in sadness. I turned around and headed to the hut, when I got inside I got a piece of paper. Time flys by quickly and using my experience I managed to find out the weakness of the figures, which was light. Whenever I shined the candle the figures were gone in a flash, there might be a group of them. They love the dark so I made a plan to confuse and trick them. We can make my room very dark, then wait for the noises wait until the figures are close and make the room as bright as possible. I wanted it to be next night so I discussed with Cuchie. “Look at this plan I made!”, “Awesome! That should work but we need something bigger, brighter, a giant light bulb. Next night this all starts and all ends. 3AM The night is pitch black and I can’t see anything, which meant they will be here any second.  A dark mysterious portal opens, cracking footsteps, I feel wind gush across my face. Tick tock tick tock. The sky darkens, my eyes open and close without my control, I also notice am turning into ashes. Maybe it was too dark? I start to feel for the light switch but I don’t find it , then I start to panic. Finally I feel it, I hid under the blanket and switched it on, A blinding light bursts through my eye lids. Next morning I notice am in my original home I did it but I miss Cuchie, am in bed. Was this a dream after all?

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