We Need You, Join the Roman Army!

Join the Roman Army and experience a once in a lifetime experience.
Once You have joined the Roman Army you will be gifted with swords made by other famous soldiers! So join the Roman Army today!

Earn Extra Wages!

If you join the Roman Army You will receive extra wages by taking the enemies stuff once you’ve killed them!

Travel the world!

Travel the world with us and you’ll never regret it, we will be travelling to lots and lots of countries and we’ll be seeing lots of things that you’ve never seen before! So pack you bags and join the Roman Army today!

Defeat your enemies!

Have you always wanted to defeat your enemies but never got to? Now is your chance to defeat them. Join the Roman Army and defeat your enemies and get the money for it. You will be paid a lot of euros and cash just for killing your enemies so join the Roman Army!

We need strong men!
 We need strong men because we want our country to WIN! We need men that are at least older than 16 or 17 and we need them to be STRONG! Because if they aren’t strong then we’re not gonna win the battles so If you have the body to win or you work out at the Gym, join the Roman Army today!

Public Health
We have a first aid if you have any bad wounds or you’ve been shot or stabbed by one of your enemies. We will heal your wounds and make you better and ready to fight for the Roman Army. So sign up today and you must join the Roman Army NOW!

If you have read this write, join the Roman Army Today!

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