Minecraft is a cubed game for fun. You can fly build and spawn mobs what are animals. Be careful because there are zombies, creepers, spiders, skeletons, slimes and many more. In creative mode you can do anything you build awesome stuff like a mansion or a firework machine. If you are really good at Minecraft you should try finding a ender Dungeon then defeat the mighty dragon because you will be very strong then. The wither is most strongest mob in minecraft.

dance class

Today at school we did dance class. Every Thursday¬† we would do dance class. Today are dance topic was how a mountain is formed and me and my friends were in a group. Two of us were plates far away and we slowly approached each other on the floor and then we went back to back and then that’s where Our other friend comes in and he very slowly grows up until his full for a mountain he was doing some cool dances then me and my friend climb the mountain. Then we all held our hands in the air and finished when we were putting our shoes and socks back on we got in the line very quick to here the three winners it was a group of girls for the first group by the way its not 1st 2nd and 3rd the second group was two boys and the the third group was US.. we were so happy because it was are first time winning.