The Good samaritan

One day a woman called Lilly was walking to town, as she was walking she got followed by a man. One minute later she was nearly there but the man still followed her. Then he quickly stole her phone and her money. The man had black hair, brown skin and a mask on so she didn’t see his face.

Lilly was calling for help then a doctor walked past and Lilly said please help me. The doctor didn’t help her and ignored Lilly. As the doctor left, a shop worker came and Lilly said please help me. The shop worker said nothing and ignored her and went back to her shop.

An hour later a homeless man was walking through the path bit to the town, Lilly said please help. The homeless man helped her and they went to the police station and Lilly said what happened. The police people found the man who stole her phone and money and he went to prison. Lilly got her phone back but not her money because the man that went to prison spent it but Lilly didn’t care and she went home.The homeless man went and he got a little tent.