my talents,goals and the thing I like.

I have a lot of talents but I have one in particular. I learnt that I could do it a few days ago and I was moving my ears and I’ve always wanted to make my ears move. Besides that I have some other cool talents for example: gaming, making new friends, singing, biking or baking with my mum.

What I like:
I like many different things like gaming or singing, I like gaming because it is fun and creative. I  like singing because it feels like you are going into your own world of music. I like to play roblox on my laptop. I also like watching YouTube and TV because it is entertaining when I’m bored. I like to bike because you get to go fast but i like to bake with my mum because it is messy but fun.

In my life i want to do many things like for example: I want to go to Santa maria with my friends but the job that i want to do is become a YouTuber or I could be a singer, gamer or even be a person who takes care of kittens and I also want to get stronger and smarter.