Retelling a story with a modern twist

James once was walking in London. He was playing Minecraft on his phone and was walking about with his Gucci back pack with over one million pound in there. A couple of minutes later this gang of men came and took his phone and all his money. The men had a bandanna and had a necklace. They picked on him and pushed him about. He had scratches and bumps all over him.

James sat on an old card bored box on the path. A man in the car drove past James was calling for help but the man in the car just drove past and went on to the over side of the rode. Another ten minutes later a van drove past calling out i’m rich i’m rich and again just drove past and James was just left there all alone till another car came and helped him.First he the man took James to McDonald’s and got him a Big Mac and after took him too a 5 star hotel.