Captain Tom Moore…

Captain Tom Moore is a wonderful person, who has made one hundred laps on his one-hundredth birthday. He was born in Keighley, in the West Riding in Yorkshire on 30th April 1920, and grew up there. He was educated in Keighley Grammar School and completed an apprenticeship in civil engineering. On 6 April 2020, during the Lockdown and with his hundredth birthday approaching, Moore began a fundraising campaign for people with Coronavirus, a group of charities supporting staff, volunteers, and patients in NHS. He aimed to complete one hundred 25-meter (27-yard) laps of his garden, ten laps per day, with the help of a walking frame. Surprisingly, Tom Moore has raised 20 million by doing laps in his garden. After captain Tom Moore’s wonderful achievement, I would like to (After lockdown!) start litter picking to save our planet. We have endangered many animals, and in the future, if this carries on we might end up with ABSOLUTELY no wild animals in our beautiful world…

This is me…!

I have a bunch of talents. Precisely, one of them is acting. I do this because it is a way to let my dramatic (and quite funny!) feelings out. Singing, this may not be my very best talent, but I sound pretty well with a variety of songs. Writing is a very interesting talent. To become a wealthy author, you need to read PLENTY of books (I’m working on my own book! Keep that secret from the others, will you?) Playing the piano! Of course, I love music! One day, I thought to myself: “Hmmm… I really like music, so why not make my own?!” I started my piano lessons by watching tutorials. Rollerskating. Ah… It’s my most recent talent. Keeping the balance is the most main thing about rollerskating.

I have wonderful interests. Some are very natural, some have taken LOTS of practice! In this (Masterpiece!!) piece of writing, I will be talking about three, very fascinating abilities. First up, we have drawing/sketching! It’s a thing that can make time pass by. On an occasion, where I am bored, I take a piece of paper take a picture book and start drawing a complicated or easy (depends on how I feel) picture. If I wouldn’t have had this passion, I would have fallen asleep (Hehe..) of boredom!! Secondly, listening to music~! It makes me glow with happiness!  I can always rely on music to make me calm and let me relax…Laughing..Hahaha!! Laughing makes me feel…Ticklish…? Oh my! I just noticed! When I laugh I knock over cups of water! Hehe…Did that make you laugh? I hope so!! 😀

My goals, hopes, and dreams

I wish that when I grow-up I could be a number one Children’s best bookseller… Oh, Hello! I didn’t see you there. I was just daydreaming about what I will be when I grow up! These are my hopes and dreams for the future: Hmm… I would LOVE to get my own little home! When I become eighteen I will get a home, a cozy, warm cottage, with a wonderful backyard.. NUH-UH, these are just my dreams… D: OoOoO! My LOOKS! I will wear a BUNCH of makeup and that stuff…SUPER FANCY CLOTHING..! Never in a million years!! I will live my whole life in a dressing gown!!! 😀 Time for the most important thing in life..! JOBS! Actually, you know what?! Imma get my husband to work for ME!! 😀 Just kidding! Imma be lazy and sit home and let my imagination go wild as I write my own book! When I grow up I shall get a driving license! (My mum doesn’t have one! I wanna do a little showing off! Hehe!) I wanna be A INDEPENDENT WOMAN! I will give you a super simple quote! “Be independent!” 😀


In the cold, dark night Bethilda was waving her wand, murmuring words under her breath. As a lightning struck Bethilda screamed a blood-curling, tongue-twisting, ear-piercing shriek. Her crow, Comet, giggled. “Oh.. It’s time.” Whispered Bethilda, to no one what-so-ever. In the flick of her wand, she was gone.

“Mum! Please, can we go to another country for our birthday?!” Pleaded Scarlet and Chris. It was their eleventh birthday tomorrow and they really, really, really, really wanted to go to an airplane ride to a different country. They were also twins and everything about them was exactly the same. “For the last time, I will think about it!! Now bed!” Their mum said (She is called Anna). She seemed really annoyed, so, the twins hurried upstairs. A moment later, the children were brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed. “Goodnight” Anna said, with a tired yawn. When the door closed, Chris sat up bolt and tip toed towards Scarlet’s bed. He tickled her. “Ouch!” Moaned Chris. Scarlet slapped him shouting “Stranger danger! Help!”. Soon after Scarlet was muttering “Sorry, sorry, sorry!” Over and over again. BOOM! Chimed the grandfather clock that stood in the corridor. BOOM! BOOM! Twelve times booms continued as Scarlet and Chris clutched their hands together in excitement. “Um… Scarlet? I feel dizzy.” Protested Chris. Scarlet then felt his forehead atnd said “Chris you seem fine-.” She was cut off by a glint of pain in her forehead. “Chris, I think I’m sick too! Oh no!” All of a sudden, everything turned blue. Scarlet and Chris lost sight of each other and toppled back.

THUD! That was Chris falling onto the wooden, brown floor. In the distance, another thud came from the other side of the room. That was Scarlet! “Scarlet! Your alive! I thought I lost you.” Chris said nervously. Without a sound, Scarlet got up and looked around, then thoughtfully said “Don’t worry about me, you should worry about where we are!” Then Scarlet added quietly after hesitating, “You check the drawers and I will check the bookshelf for an exit.” “What will you find in a bookshelf? It’s useless!” Muttered Chris. “No It’s not! You know the old stories? They have hidden books that you need to pull to reveal a hidden door, just like magic.” As Scarlet said the word,  Bethilda appeared with a wicked laugh. “ Hahahaha! I lurked you filthy kids into my trap! I can’t believe I finally got into that house to curse the grandfather clock!” “Wait a minute… the grandfather clock? Cursed? I’m confused!” Scarlet said, confused. Bethilda made a face, looking gruesome. “Dear child! How did you not see me crawling around your dusty floor?” Scarlet and Chris looked at each other in disbelief. “Bye children!” Bethilda said with a cackle. Then she was gone. Scarlet and Chris kept on searching, they didn’t know what to say. “Chris, I found something!” Cried Scarlet. “What?” Asked Chris. “A secret door…” Whispered Scarlet.

Do you think they will make it? What do you think is behind the secret door? Do you think Bethilda will run away laughing and jumping in joy when the children will never get to leave?

Big write

How a river is formed

The water in a river flows from it’s source. This could be melting ice, rain and a mountain. Rives have main channels, in between them there are the banks and if too much rain or water gets into them, they might burst and start to flood. At the bottom of the main channel there is the bed, made out of dirt. The water can meander. This means that the river bends. Also, the river ends at the sea. This is called the mouth.

Oceans and seas

Did you know, that the ocean covers 70% of the worlds surface? On the other hand, the Pacific ocean covers 30% of the world. Surprisingly, the world has lots of different oceans but one of them is the Indian ocean. Also, seawater is salty. Therefore, drinking it can get you really ill! An interesting fact, is that the ocean is bigger than the sea because the ocean is deeper.

Water facts

A river starts at a mountain and ends at the mouth. Amazingly, river water is fresh even though, before drinking it you need to filter the water because it still has germs in it! Did you know, that when a meteor his the ground and it starts raining, it can form a lake? The lake will need continuous source of water or it might evaporate.