Captain Tom Moore

Captain Tom Moore is a former British soldier who was in the British Army. He served from 1939-1946. Tom lives in Bedfordshire. He completed 100 laps in his garden to raise money for the NHS. People sponsored him from all around the world. In the beginning he hoped to raise £1,000 but ended up raising more than £30 million. This happened on his 100th birthday on April 30th 2020. Captain Tom is an inspiration.

My favorite Games

I like playing lots Of games especially football and sometimes video games like roblox or fortnite anything like that but the reasons why I like playing them is because I can talk to my friends even in quarantine. Its really fun doing these things because I can keep with them so i like doing that.

This Is Me.

I am passionate about food, music, and my family. My favourite food is pepperoni pizza and cheese burgers. Whenever my family orders takeaway I get so excited! I also get excited when my Grandpa sends me American treats in the mail. He sends me my favourites for example: poptarts, goldfish crackers, and candy bars. Another thing I’m passionate about is music. I listen to music by NCS. NCS is a collection of different music for example: techno, dubstep, and house music. Music makes me calm and happy. If I couldn’t listen to music I’d be devastated. Lastly, I am very passionate about family. My parents help me when I struggle with school work. My mum lets me help her bake and we make cookies. My dad and I play video games together and like to wrestle. I make my sister laugh and she makes me laugh too. Some of my family live in America and we skype every week.

I have many talents. Ever since I was little I’ve loved to dance. I’d dance at weddings and family parties. As I’ve gotten older I’m shy about dancing, but hopefully one day I won’t be as shy and I’ll dance more for people. I’m also talented at making games on Roblox. I’m very interested in computer graphics and how games work. I make and edit my own videos on my phone and play them for my mum and dad, sometimes the videos make them laugh. I realised I’m very good at beatboxing. My dad can beatbox so I probably got it from him. I spend time in my room beatboxing and trying out different sounds. I get ideas for beatboxing from the music I listen to. I’ve currently started been interested in football. I use my football and goal in my back garden to practice. If I practice hard enough maybe when I’m older I can become a footballer like Lionel Messi.

In the next few years I will practice my football techniques so I can get better and better as I would like to play in a football club. I will start small and one day I hope to be in the a big league club. This will also help me keep fit and healthy. Maybe one day I will be good enough to play in the World Cup, or be on a football card like the ones I collect.

River non-chronological report


The mountain can create a river and if that happens it’s called the source. The river comes down from the mountain.Then as the river goes a little bit deeper, it can meander through the bed and banks.

OCEANS AND SEAS. Surprisingly,around the world there is 70% water surface around the whole wide world. In the seas, the water can be deadly because it is very,very salty and not safe to drink. The sea is one half of the oceans and it’s the most deadliest part.

WATER FACTS. When a mountain forms the river it’s called the source.When a river comes down a mountain it meanders around into a tributary and it joins the main channel which is called a confluence. If it meets an asteroid it could make a bed for the lake or river.People may say that a river is edible,it can still make you ill.