Andy Goldsworthy

Background information

Back in Cheshire in 1956 a British artist was born he was called Andy Goldsworthy. Did you know that he studied fine art at Bradford. Happily he was given a OBE. When he was 13 he got a job on a medium sized farm. He lives in Dumfries and Scotland. Andy Goldsworthy also lives in Galloway. Two films have been made about him. He was born on 25 July. His life is called rivers and tides and leaning into the wind.

Rock balancing

When he was older he made rock balancing popular. Surprisingly he also works with photography and he also described his work as working with nature as a whole. Some sculptures are made up of flowers ,twigs, mud, snow and icicles. He cuts different shapes of slate.


He often takes photos of his work to see the change over time. Most of his sculptures are very complex. For example knot weed stalks. Most sculptures can last minutes, some last a while.

Andy Goldsworthy other information

He continues to travel the world building on site sculptures. He was a nature based worker and he was known for his work in sculptures.

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