In the cold, dark night Bethilda was waving her wand, murmuring words under her breath. As a lightning struck Bethilda screamed a blood-curling, tongue-twisting, ear-piercing shriek. Her crow, Comet, giggled. “Oh.. It’s time.” Whispered Bethilda, to no one what-so-ever. In the flick of her wand, she was gone.

“Mum! Please, can we go to another country for our birthday?!” Pleaded Scarlet and Chris. It was their eleventh birthday tomorrow and they really, really, really, really wanted to go to an airplane ride to a different country. They were also twins and everything about them was exactly the same. “For the last time, I will think about it!! Now bed!” Their mum said (She is called Anna). She seemed really annoyed, so, the twins hurried upstairs. A moment later, the children were brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed. “Goodnight” Anna said, with a tired yawn. When the door closed, Chris sat up bolt and tip toed towards Scarlet’s bed. He tickled her. “Ouch!” Moaned Chris. Scarlet slapped him shouting “Stranger danger! Help!”. Soon after Scarlet was muttering “Sorry, sorry, sorry!” Over and over again. BOOM! Chimed the grandfather clock that stood in the corridor. BOOM! BOOM! Twelve times booms continued as Scarlet and Chris clutched their hands together in excitement. “Um… Scarlet? I feel dizzy.” Protested Chris. Scarlet then felt his forehead atnd said “Chris you seem fine-.” She was cut off by a glint of pain in her forehead. “Chris, I think I’m sick too! Oh no!” All of a sudden, everything turned blue. Scarlet and Chris lost sight of each other and toppled back.

THUD! That was Chris falling onto the wooden, brown floor. In the distance, another thud came from the other side of the room. That was Scarlet! “Scarlet! Your alive! I thought I lost you.” Chris said nervously. Without a sound, Scarlet got up and looked around, then thoughtfully said “Don’t worry about me, you should worry about where we are!” Then Scarlet added quietly after hesitating, “You check the drawers and I will check the bookshelf for an exit.” “What will you find in a bookshelf? It’s useless!” Muttered Chris. “No It’s not! You know the old stories? They have hidden books that you need to pull to reveal a hidden door, just like magic.” As Scarlet said the word,  Bethilda appeared with a wicked laugh. “ Hahahaha! I lurked you filthy kids into my trap! I can’t believe I finally got into that house to curse the grandfather clock!” “Wait a minute… the grandfather clock? Cursed? I’m confused!” Scarlet said, confused. Bethilda made a face, looking gruesome. “Dear child! How did you not see me crawling around your dusty floor?” Scarlet and Chris looked at each other in disbelief. “Bye children!” Bethilda said with a cackle. Then she was gone. Scarlet and Chris kept on searching, they didn’t know what to say. “Chris, I found something!” Cried Scarlet. “What?” Asked Chris. “A secret door…” Whispered Scarlet.

Do you think they will make it? What do you think is behind the secret door? Do you think Bethilda will run away laughing and jumping in joy when the children will never get to leave?

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