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My favourite topic two terms ago was ‘What a Performance’ because you got to look at the National Theatre and what it’s like there.  Interestingly, every year over eight hundred thousand people visit the National Theatre . Before the actors go on stage they rehearse in a rehearsing room. In year four my favourite piece of work is when we had to draw something in the National Theatre and write about it. I think I settled nicely to year four because I got to know my teacher better and all my new class mates.

In year four my target was to improve my behaviour outside of lessons because I wasn’t doing well with one of my classmates. I think I have achieved my target by staying away from her and staying with the people I get on well with. Surprisingly I think my behaviour is on the standard place now because I’m not doing as much wrong things as I used to. Actually come to think of it I think my learning is really good because I listen in lessons. My relationship with my teacher and my peers has developed a lot since last term.

The target that I’m setting for myself is to do more homework in spring because I don’t do that much anymore.

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