Kieran’s Life

Kieran’s Life

My name is Kieran and my Birthday is January 16th and I have 3 sisters called Kayleigh,Keira and also

Melissa and 1 brother called Jordan. I also really like football  and anything else with Atheletics stuff to do in it. I even had a puppy called nugget he was very cute but sadly when my brother got older he had to give it to a friend of his. I also have also gone on a holiday to haven and at haven at the swimming pool there was a giant water slide but I was to scared to go up because you had to go up some stairs that were blue. I wish I went down it but one it got colder and  colder when I went up so I went back down and sat in the hot tub thing that was in the lazy river there is a slide I call the toilet Because it looks so much like a toilet it also looks so fun when you go down. Hopfully this year in 2019 I would like to go down that slide so I wish I go haven this year because  I am older and I am braver.

I also have a Youtube channel called Kieran p but I might change it to Dogplayz one day but on my channel I do Fortnite and manly Roblox and my sister has a youtube channel called Kayleigh p and we both do Roblox videos but sometimes we do them together. On my chanell on Roblox I do Obbys and sometimes adopt me but i,m only doing videos in the morning because I need it to be quit and even my friend called Millie has a channel called slimey suny slime I think that what it is I also copied one of her slime videos and she got angry,mad but it was okay but it was really really satisfiying.     The picture is my youtube channel logo

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