My amazing half term

In half term I went to visit my nana and grandad. Also my mums friend came with us.But my dad didnโ€™t come because he was at work. Unfortunately I got travel sick but we were there anyway.First I got a cup of lemonade and had some chocolate biscuits.After we did that we went outside to see what my grandad has been growing.Then I saw that my grandad moved stuff around in the garden and I started to climb. He made some ย steps were he grows his plants and that is were I started to climb.Than me and my sister took some pictures of us standing on a stone and it looked like we were at a tropical beach but we were just in Cambridge.It was because we were standing next to a bamboo plant it the picture was of me standing next to the bamboo plant and also it was a picture of the sunny sky.Than we went to the park and on the climbing frame.Also we went to another park but that was really busy and so we went on a walk than walked back home.

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