Cake sale

On 31st of January 2018, Year 4 had a cake sale. We decided to make a cake sale because we are helping children in Barnardo’s. Banardo’s is where children don’t have a family. We would all like to help them by raising money, so we have all decided to do a cake sale.

We got a letter to raise money for barnardo and our mums have signed up the slip.  When our mums signed up the slip, we were able to help sell some cakes. We were so excited!!!

When the day arrived, the children that have permission to help, we had to go to the pink hall early to get everything ready. We have all used our top manners to make our costumers happy. We gave the cakes that they wanted to eat. We had so much fun! We all hope that the children in Barnardo’s will get a family very soon.

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