Captain Tom Moore is a British officer.he was born in 30 April 1920. He is 100 years old and he is a former British army officer. He was doing a fundraising walk. He was doing it for charity for his 100th birthday.


Captain Tom Moore is from Yorkshire England. He served in India during the second world war. Later he became an instructor in armored-warfare.


He set himself the challenge of fundraising. In 2020 he was doing a fundraising walk. He did it for the NHS during the quarantine.


He raised more than £23m for the nhs he raised it by doing 100 laps, ten laps a day around his garden.


On 6th April 2020 during the quarantine with his 100th birthday Tom Moore began fundraising camping for NHS charities together, a group of  charities supporting staff, volunteers and patients in the British national health service.He aimed to  complete 100 25-meter (27-yards) laps of his garden with the help of a walking frame, branding the endeavor “Tom’s 100th birthday walk for nhs.

Captain Tom Moore

So Captain Tom Moore is a soldier who is 99 years old. He is a British  soldier. Captain Tom Moore challenged himself to walk 100 laps around  his 25m  garden. He challenged himself to walk 100 laps because he turned 100 years old so he walked  100  laps in his garden.Tom Moore raised more  than £17 million pounds.

This is me

My Talents

My talents are swimming, boxing and gaming. I’ve chosen swimming for one of my talents because when I was 3 I started swimming lessons. Over time I felt more confident as I went up the ‘steps’ but I need to be a little more stronger. I really enjoy Boxing, my new gloves are making me better at boxing. I need to improve my kicks because they are weak.
When I was 4 I started gaming and from then on I have continued to game. I am still practising new games. I am mostly good at 1st person and 3rd person action games. I enjoy playing more games with friends.

My Loves

My loves are Games, animals and movies. The reason why I put movies on here is because I love loads of different types of movies but most of them I don’t really like anymore. I like adventure movies and funny movies.There are only 3 types of animal that I like and they are tigers, rabbits and snakes. The reason I like snakes is  because their scaly body is so nice to feel. The games Some of my favourite games are Fornite and Minecraft.

My Aspirations

I have many school goals such as trying to improve my handwriting, improve in Maths, do more robotics and I would like to have even more fun activities. I need to improve my handwriting because it is a bit all over the place. I need to improve Maths  because I still get some questions wrong. Making progress in my learning will help me for secondary school and after secondary school when I would like to go to university. At university I would like to study animal biology, this would help me become a vet. The reason why I what to be a vet is because I love animals and want to help them. When I am an adult I would like to get a house, car, cat and more friends.

Reflection of my Term


Last term my favorite topic was the Vikings because I think the Vikings were really interesting and I really enjoyed the topic.

Did you know the Vikings were actually called the pirates? Did you also know that the Vikings didn’t have horns on their helmets? My favorite piece of work is my art work because I really worked hard in my colour wheel.

I think I have settled in really well in year 4 and I am learning lots.

Self Evaluation

My Assertive Mentoring target is to maintain focus to allow me to extended my writing so I think I keep forgetting to do it.

I think I have settled into year 4 very well because I know all of the class rooms, and I already have an independent learning license.

My ‘AM’ target over the spring term is to try not to get distracted by my friends when I’m working because I can sometimes get distracted. I am going to work really hard to manage my distractions to get my work done!

Reflection on my Term


This report is all about my first term in Year 4 at HPS.

Last term my favorite topic was the Vikings because I really enjoyed being a Viking in our assembly. One fact I didn’t know was that the Vikings didn’t have horns on their helmets. This was made up! I also learnt that the the word ‘Viking’ means ‘pirate’.

One piece of work I am really proud of is my art work from the Autumn term, I really enjoyed the work we did when we did our colour wheels and mixed paint together. I think I have settled very well in year 4.


My Assertive Mentoring target is to get more recorded work in the time given and I also need to remember to bring the correct PE kit. I think on reflection that I have brought my PE kit more but I need to get more work done in the time given. still

I think I have settled into year 4 great because I know where everything is and I like where the teachers have put everything.


River Report



How a river is formed?

A river is formed when rain and snow fall slowly down onto a mountain, because of gravity. Another source of rivers are naturally forming springs. A spring is water that comes from out of the ground. Glaciers also form rivers when they melt. Water interestingly always flows down because of gravity. When a river flows peacefully down a mountain it may hit rocks. Snow, rain, glaciers and springs. These are all possible sources.

Oceans and Seas

Oceans amazingly cover 70% of the world’s surface. The water in the ocean is very salty and unsafe to drink. There are 5 oceans on the planet; the Arctic, pacific, Indian, Atlantic and the Antarctic. Out of all of the five oceans, the Pacific is the biggest covering 30% of the surface of the Earth. A sea is interestingly part of an ocean.

Water Facts

Rivers are actually a strip of water. A river starts at a source and ends at the mouth.

The dead sea isn’t even a sea although it does have salt in the water. In fact, it is so salty no fish can survive. Also you can’t sink.

The River Nile is the longest river and it covers 7 countries! One of them is Egypt.

Actually a lake is water surrounded by land. Lakes will dry out if the water source stops.


Descriptive setting

Wind in the Willows

I has been digging and digging for 2 days already. I kept on digging and digging but it seemed like the was no end, so kept on digging until something I saw something yellow, shiny… it was the sun but it was a little bit of the sun so I quickly dug so I could get out of this mud. After few minutes of digging, I fell again into the mud so I dug again and again after a hour I found a huge pile of mud so I went into the mud and dug.

Finally I came out of the mud and I started running since , I was very scared I ran and ran until I got lost so I went forward then I stopped because I saw a crystal, blue  river. It was amazing. Far away I spotted a boat I ran to it and got it so I can drive it around the blue crystal river.

Far away I can see a glistening orange , vanilla house I wanted to see what it is but I was too frightened to see what it was so I went a little bit backwards after one step back there was a loud boom it wasn’t next to me but it was somewhere close by.

I quickly went into the orange vanilla house I was out of control. There was no one home. One hour later, the owner came she didn’t spot me because I hid in a closet that was not used. I tried escaping…


Descriptive setting

Wind in the Willows Description (opening paragraph)

I was digging through my house and  suddenly  felt a nice and warm bit of heat as I went outside into the open. I felt the sun shining above me and the dazzling clear blue beautiful river flowing .The flowers were blowing in the breeze of the wind with the sun setting over the clear blue dazzling river. The glazing sun was shining in my brown button eyes. I saw a dazzling blue  and muddy river in the woods…


Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy

Background information

Andy Goldsworthy was born in 1957 in a place called Cheshire. He went to Leeds university to study to become an artist. As a teenager, at the age of 13 he earned money by working on a farm in Scotland.


He was very interested in fine art but he was more interested in land art using only natural material such as stone sticks and flowers, even mud, snow, sand, berries water, and interestingly, bone, feathers and dung from animals.


Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Golsworthy


Andy Goldsworthy was born in 1957 in a place called Cheshire in the UK. At the age of 13 he lived in Scotland and earned money by working on a farm.

When he was got older he went to Leeds university and as an adult he became a British artist.

His Artwork

As a young man, he studied a lot of fine art but he became more interested in land art using only natural materials he could find on the land, such as stone, sticks, flowers, mud, snow, sand, berries, water and even bone feathers and dung from animals found in that environment.