This is Me



I really interested online game and twitch games. When I finished 4 I started playing in a Polish football club. I really like it. Also my talent is cooking and baking.

My Aspirations:

My aspirations are to finish Primary School then go to Secondary School, work hard and then go to University and study IT. I really want stay in UK, pass my driving test and buy my first car.

My Loves:

My little brother is very special to me.I love watching him when he is laughing and playing with me. He is growing up so fast. Also my mom is very important to me. Family is important for all of us. My mom always says when you hard work in the future, your dreams come true.

Descriptive setting

Wind in the Willows

I has been digging and digging for 2 days already. I kept on digging and digging but it seemed like the was no end, so kept on digging until something I saw something yellow, shiny… it was the sun but it was a little bit of the sun so I quickly dug so I could get out of this mud. After few minutes of digging, I fell again into the mud so I dug again and again after a hour I found a huge pile of mud so I went into the mud and dug.

Finally I came out of the mud and I started running since , I was very scared I ran and ran until I got lost so I went forward then I stopped because I saw a crystal, blue  river. It was amazing. Far away I spotted a boat I ran to it and got it so I can drive it around the blue crystal river.

Far away I can see a glistening orange , vanilla house I wanted to see what it is but I was too frightened to see what it was so I went a little bit backwards after one step back there was a loud boom it wasn’t next to me but it was somewhere close by.

I quickly went into the orange vanilla house I was out of control. There was no one home. One hour later, the owner came she didn’t spot me because I hid in a closet that was not used. I tried escaping…