This is Me!!

My Loves

I love my family unconditionally  because they bring me happiness. I know if I had a problem I could rely on them. They know when I’m sad, happy and angry, I think I have the best family I could have. I love them all around the world 7000 times all back in our hearts. I love and respect my friends, they cheer me up when I’m sad. They stick up for me when people are mean to me. I also love my pets, my pets are the best pets I could have. My pets names are Blue, Benny, Bowser and Yoda. Blue loves to have cuddles with me and plays gently, he protects me. Benny is very funny and amazing. He is the best Beagle I could have and most of all loving. Bowser is a terrapin, he loves to swim and when we clean his tank  most of the time he goes in a tub of water but lately he has been going in the pool. Also I have to keep a close eye on him. Yoda now lives with my nanny and uncle Yoda is like a small horse. He is very big but loving. He likes to sing and dig big holes.

My Passions

I’m passionate about making sure I don’t litter because I want to be able to make a change in the world. I would like a cleaner world where there is no litter in the sea killing off lots of sea creatures. I would like cleaner streets as it has been nice when have gone for our daily exercise and the streets look cleaner and there is more wild life out. When we were on lockdown the sky pollution has gone. The rivers and seas were cleaner to the point where you could see the sea creatures swimming through.

My Talents

One of my talents are gymnastics because I like to do cartwheels and handstands with my brothers. It is very fun because I get to teach them and they have nearly got the hang of it. While I was in lockdown, I got better at my splits. My other one is Irish dancing because I got to do lessons but because of lockdown, I was practising more but I could not remember all of the moves. I am so happy I am back. I love to sing and my favourite music is hip -hop, R and b, dance music and pop. I love to dance with my mum, step-mum and brothers. I love to make up my own dance routines  also dancing and singing makes me happy and makes me feel like me. I also think I am good at being a good person. I like to make sure that everyone is happy. I like to help them too, being there for them when they are feeling down. I love to help my mummy and step-mum look after my brothers and I think that’s a talent because they can sometimes be a handful but I love them.

Captain Tom Moore

Captain TOM Moore is a man who is popularly known as Captain Tom. He is a former British army officer. Captain tom is from Keighley, Yorkshire. He did 100 lap around his garden to raise money for the NHS. Captain Tom raised £2300 for the NHS. Captain tom is a 100 years old. He has a number 1 song. He liked to ride motorbikes when he was a teenager. He was on a tv show once called blankety-blank.