Reflection of my Term


Last term my favorite topic was the Vikings because I think the Vikings were really interesting and I really enjoyed the topic.

Did you know the Vikings were actually called the pirates? Did you also know that the Vikings didn’t have horns on their helmets? My favorite piece of work is my art work because I really worked hard in my colour wheel.

I think I have settled in really well in year 4 and I am learning lots.

Self Evaluation

My Assertive Mentoring target is to maintain focus to allow me to extended my writing so I think I keep forgetting to do it.

I think I have settled into year 4 very well because I know all of the class rooms, and I already have an independent learning license.

My ‘AM’ target over the spring term is to try not to get distracted by my friends when I’m working because I can sometimes get distracted. I am going to work really hard to manage my distractions to get my work done!